I find the outcry over Los Angeles Archbishop Roger Mahony’s helicopter a bit puzzling (letters, March 11). The Catholic Church is the only organization I’ve run across whose members expect their leaders to be not just honest, but saints.

The archbishop of Los Angeles, besides being a religious leader, is the chief executive officer of a multimillion-dollar business. Would the church members really prefer some other-worldly hermit looking after their affairs? Do they really think no one would take advantage of such a situation? I will personally guarantee that the church would be royally ripped off!

If Mahony needs a helicopter to get around his vast diocese, then he should have one. Believe me, he’s not just some systems analyst on a daily commute from Tujunga to Torrance. He’s got a lot of ground to cover.


As he does so, I only hope he will keep an eye out for my blue and white VW van, which someone stole from in front of my house in October. It has a home-built back seat and a lot of Long Beach State parking stickers on the bumper.