Although the Dow Jones Industrial Average doesn’t...


Although the Dow Jones Industrial Average doesn’t seem to be making much progress, eight San Diego stocks made new annual highs during the past week, said Irving Katz, director of research at Thomas Green/San Diego Securities.

The highs included Home Federal at $34.75 as analysts continue to warm to its excellent earnings prospects for 1989. Home Federal’s Robert Adelizzi will speak to the San Diego Stock & Bond Club on Thursday and to the Financial Analysts’ “Investing in San Diego ‘89” all-day seminar May 24.

Among the local stocks making new highs were Psicor, Christiana, Beeba’s Creations, First National Corp., BSD Bancorp, Infrasonics and Medical Imaging Centers.


Fisher Scientific gained $1.50 for the week as the company announced it was considering the disposal of its IMED and Instrumentation Laboratory divisions.

New 52-week lows this week were made by Imperial Corp., Synbiotics and Xscribe.