IN BRIEF : Indy Track to Test Timing System

From Times wire services

A computerized timing system that would record the instantaneous position of every car on the track will be tested this year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

If the test is successful, speedway officials said today, the new system will be considered for use as the primary timing source for the Indianapolis 500 next year.

The AusTimeAuto system, developed in Australia, will be installed at the track for the U.S. Auto Club’s Rookie Orientation Program in late April and will be used along with existing USAC timing and scoring computers throughout the month leading up to the May 28 race. The new system consists of a “black box” transmitter mounted within the chassis of the race car and a transducer underneath the car to identify it as it passes over a series of radio antennas embedded into the 2 1/2-mile track. It will enable instant lap timing and positioning accurate to one 10-thousandth of a second and remove the possibility of human error, officials said.