Saturday’s soccer tragedy at Sheffield, England, is one of the worst of a series of disasters that have plagued the sport both in Britain and abroad:

MAY 24, 1964: Worst death toll occurred in Lima, Peru, when more than 300 fans died in riot during Olympic Games qualifying match between Peru and Argentina.

MARCH 12, 1988: 70 soccer fans trampled to death in stampede at Nepal’s national stadium in Katmandu as spectators rushed for cover during violent hailstorm, only to find stadium exits locked.


JAN. 2, 1971: In Scotland, 66 people died at Glasgow Rangers’ home field in crush involving fans trying to leave stadium and others trying to return when they heard that late goal had been scored.

MAY 11, 1985: 56 people burned to death and more than 200 injured when fire broke out in stands at Bradford Stadium in England.

MAY 26, 1985: 10 people trampled to death and 29 injured in panic at Olympic Stadium in Mexico City.

MAY 29, 1985: 39 fans, most of them Italian, crushed or trampled to death and more than 400 people injured in rioting involving Liverpool and Juventus supporters at European Cup Final at Brussels’ Heysel Stadium.