La Verne : No Action on Cable Show

Despite objections by residents to a local cable company's decision to air sexually explicit movies, the City Council decided at a public hearing Monday that it does not have the authority to halt the broadcasts.

Assistant City Manager Jeffry Allred said the city's contract with Foothills Cablevision does not give the city the power to regulate the content of material that the company offers.

Allred said City Atty. Scott Smith concluded that even if such a provision existed, it would probably be unconstitutional.

Beginning May 1, subscribers can order sexually explicit movies on a pay-per-view basis on the Tuxedo Channel.

Allred said Mayor Pro Tem Tom Harvey and Councilman Robert Rodriguez reminded residents that they could boycott the company if they were offended by the service. Rodriguez said he would cancel his subscription.

The City Council in San Dimas, which also has a contract with Foothills Cablevision, is scheduled to discuss the issue at a hearing Tuesday. The cable company also serves Arcadia, Bradbury, Glendora, Monrovia, Sierra Madre and Rialto.

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