Titans' Stewart Taken in Eighth Round by Minnesota

Alex Stewart's long wait to be drafted ended Monday morning when Minnesota chose him in the eighth round of the National Football League draft, five rounds lower than Stewart had expected to go.

Stewart played only eight games of major-college football as a defensive lineman at Cal State Fullerton and had only 38 tackles, but did so well in the tests of athletic ability at the NFL scouting combine that some draft experts predicted he would be chosen in the second or third round.

Instead, he sat by the television as the first five rounds passed Sunday without his name being called. Finally, on Monday, Minnesota made him the 219th pick overall.

"I was very disappointed," said Stewart, who is expected to try to make the Vikings as a defensive end. "They drafted a lot of players not rated as highly as I was, like Chris Gannon from (Louisiana State). They're all jokes. How can you look over someone who runs as fast as I do?"

Stewart said he is ready to put the draft behind him and concentrate on making the team.

"They're getting me for a bargain-basement price," he said. "But I'm happy about Minnesota right now."

Stewart was the first of three Fullerton defensive players taken in the final seven rounds of the 12-round draft Monday.

A.J. Jenkins, a defensive end whose 77 tackles were second on the Titan team last year, was drafted by Pittsburgh in the eighth round with the 228th pick. Jenkins led the Titans in tackles for losses with 19.

Jerry Leggett, a linebacker whose 109 tackles led Fullerton, was chosen by New Orleans in the ninth round with the 246th pick.

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