Depeche Mode Dispute

Where do you get off saying anything bad about Depeche Mode when you probably don't know the facts ("Concert Souvenir from Depeche Mode" by Mike Boehm, Calendar April 16)? How can you say that the joke is on the fans when just maybe the fans love them and their music? Speaking as a fan, I love the new album. It was recorded live at the Rose Bowl (where) I happened to be at the time--an added bonus because it makes me feel good to know that I was part of it all.

You must automatically associate Depeche Mode with greed and darkness. Every review I've ever read in this paper about Depeche Mode is nothing but lies, mistakes and bad things said about them and their music. Maybe one day their fans will teach you a thing or two about them.

The cover shows concert souvenirs, not greed and money-making techniques, even though they are there for money purposes, but not only for that. That isn't what the cover is trying to symbolize.

This is, so far, the best live album I've ever heard.



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