Forged Prescriptions Linked to Carl Monroe

A doctor whose name was on four tranquilizer bottles found in the apartment of former San Francisco 49er Carl Monroe, who died earlier this week at 29, said three of the prescriptions were forged, according to Friday's San Francisco Chronicle.

San Jose police found two empty bottles of Valium and two empty bottles of diazepam, a generic form of Valium, inside Monroe's apartment on Wednesday, the day he died, the paper reported.

A doctor, who asked not to be identified, had been treating Monroe for chronic bronchitis and said that he prescribed Valium once, on April 18, to help Monroe sleep. He denied writing the prescriptions for three other bottles found in the apartment.

Police are investigating the prescriptions amid speculation that Monroe might have died of a Valium overdose, but autopsy results won't be known for several weeks.

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