Astros' Ashby Turns Down Trade to Pittsburgh

Catcher Alan Ashby of the Houston Astros vetoed a trade for outfielder Glenn Wilson when he refused to go to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Because Ashby, 37, is a 10-and-five player--he has 10 years in the majors and at least five with the same club--he has the right to veto any trade if he wishes.

"Alan Ashby is well-established (in Houston) with a home and his family there," Pirates' General Manager Larry Doughty said. "He has a new home and a new baby. He just bought into a golf course."

Ashby reportedly would have accepted the trade if the Pirates would have significantly increased his $550,000 yearly salary. Doughty said the Pirates offered a raise, but it wasn't "outlandish."

The Pirates need a left-handed hitting catcher because Mike LaValliere is out until at least the All-Star break following knee surgery. Manager Jim Leyland has been alternating right-handed hitting catchers Junior Ortiz and Tom Prince.

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