Kissinger on Europe

Why does the venerable Los Angeles Times persist in featuring Kissinger in its otherwise excellent Sunday Opinion Section? What did the man really ever accomplish?

As secretary of state under President Nixon he left the Middle East in just as much of a mess as it was when he took over. Of course, one may credit him with putting out various "firestorms" and delaying violent incidents that subsequently occurred in later administrations, but how much diplomatic expertise did that require on his part when he was amply supplied with a fistful of dollars and was granted full authority to maintain total secrecy of what transpired in private conference?

As to Kissinger's "paving the way" for President Nixon's visit to China, that country had already made overtures through its "Ping-Pong" diplomacy to establish the favorable relations. As a mere courier he delivered the contents of his diplomatic pouch. Travel experts took care of the rest.


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