San Marcos


A 31-year-old woman was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on 53 counts of child abuse, child endangerment, assault likely to produce great bodily injury and corporal punishment on a child, stemming mainly from allegations that she beat her 12-year-old step-grandson.

Charged in the case was Gina Marie Lockridge, 31, of San Marcos. Her husband, Harry Lockridge, 52, was also ordered to stand trial on four felony counts of child endangerment.

Both were bound over to Superior Court after a two-day preliminary hearing that ended Wednesday.


The boy testified about abuse he suffered before he ran away from the Lockridges’ home. He testified that Gina Lockridge beat him with cords from a vacuum cleaner and with a skillet and her fists, and that she broke a broom handle on him while hitting him.

Abuse is started in September, when the family lived in Vista, and ended March 12 when the boy ran away after the family moved to San Marcos, he testified.

The boy’s mother is in prison on a parole violation stemming from a drug conviction. His father’s whereabouts is unknown, Deputy Dist. Atty. Jane Via said.

During the abuse, the boy said, a urine-soaked diaper was placed on his face. The diaper also contained ice to help control the swelling of the bruises on his face, he said. Graphic color photos of the boy’s injuries were introduced into evidence by Via.

The boy also testified about two other alleged beatings of Gina Lockridge’s natural children, who, like the 12-year-old, are now in foster homes. Four counts of the 53 charges against Gina Lockridge accuse her of beating her 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter.

A hearing to set a trial date is scheduled May 24.