Board Approves $4 Million in Loans for 2 County Water Projects

The State Water Resources Control Board has approved loans totaling $4 million for two Orange County water reclamation projects, the board announced Wednesday.

The board agreed to loan $2 million over 20 years to the Irvine Ranch Water District, which will use the money to build a 5-million-gallon concrete tank to store reclaimed water for landscape irrigation. The project will provide about 1,150 acre-feet of water a year, saving the equivalent amount of drinking water for more than 5,000 people, the state water board said.

The board also will loan $2 million for 20 years to the Orange County Water District, which will build a facility to take treated sewage water from the Orange County Sanitation Districts, treat it further, then distribute it for greenbelt and landscape irrigation.

The project is expected to provide 7,000 acre-feet of reclaimed water annually for the cities of Fountain Valley and Santa Ana, as well as the Mesa Consolidated Water District. The drinking water saved by the project will be enough for 35,000 people.

The loans will come from the Water Reclamation Account, established by the Clean Water Bond Law Act of 1984. The account provides financial assistance for the design and construction of municipal water reclamation projects.

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