Why Not Report Antics of Non-Deadheads?

Your thorough coverage of (Irvine City) Councilman Cameron Cosgrove’s self-proclaimed “near riot” at (the recent) Grateful Dead concert was Page 1 news until the Irvine city manager, Police Department and even Mayor Larry Agran rejected the Cosgrove version (“Officials Differ With Councilman on Concert Events,” May 3).

Apparently you decided that the “near riot” was old news and that the comments trashing Councilman Cosgrove were better buried on Page 9 of the Calendar section.

Your readers also might have become bored with Cosgrove’s cheap, inflammatory political rhetoric, but your paper has a responsibility to make clear that the drunken antics of a few teen-age punks had nothing to do with the Deadheads inside at Irvine Meadows ready to enjoy the music.

It now seems clear that the only person to riot was Councilman Cosgrove. I personally plan to contribute to the best candidate who runs against “Near Riot” Cosgrove.