Bus Safety


Shame on the members of the federal committee who “rejected the idea of requiring seat belts on the nation’s . . . school buses, concluding that it would cost $40 million and save an average of just one life a year . . .” if used by only half the students on each bus (Part I, May 9)! How can anyone put a price tag on the life of a child? Incidentally, that same issue of The Times carried a story of a school bus accident in which 8 children were injured.

These same folks who rejected the school bus seat belt idea would undoubtedly think nothing of spending $40 million on a weapon for the Defense Department, but heaven forbid using it to protect our kids! Anyone who cares for our youngsters should contact his or her representative and suggest we purchase one less bomber and use the money to buy seat belts for our school buses!


La Crescenta