Eastwood Palimony Case Heard in Secret


A potentially precedent-setting palimony suit filed against actor-director Clint Eastwood by his former longtime live-in girlfriend, Sondra Locke, was heard behind closed doors Wednesday.

The pair hired a private judge to hear the case and attorneys refused to disclose the identity of the judge or the location of the proceeding.

All legal documents in the case have been ordered sealed.

In her lawsuit filed April 26, Locke claimed that Eastwood locked her out of their Bel-Air mansion, placed her belongings in storage and refused to allow her visitation rights with her pet parrot.


Locke, 42, also alleged in the complaint that, during their relationship, Eastwood forced her to have two abortions and undergo sterilization. Eastwood has denied the allegations.

Locke’s lawyers offered to settle the dispute two days after the suit was filed if Eastwood would agree to give her two houses, monthly payments of $15,000 and a lump sum of $250,000.

Eastwood rejected the offer.