NAMES IN THE NEWS : William Hurt Denies Wedding Ring

From Times wire services

Oscar-winning actor William Hurt and his former lover's lawyer renewed their war of words today with Hurt denying he ever wore a wedding ring during the couple's relationship.

Ballerina Sandra Jennings' palimony lawyer immediately whipped out a poster-sized color photograph showing Hurt wearing a ring on his left hand as he carried their son, Alexander.

The actor, composed in the witness chair, said he wore a silver ring with a black stone that Jennings gave him when their relationship began.

"It's not a wedding ring," said Hurt, who married band leader Skitch Henderson's daughter, Heidi, in March.

His lawyer, Martin Shelton, leaped to his feet and complained to Justice Jacqueline Silbermann, "Your honor, I don't see the relevance."

Responded Jennings' lawyer, Richard Golub: "The man says he's not married and he's wearing a ring."

Hurt began laughing.

"It's not even gold," he sneered, and continued laughing until the courtroom joined him, with even the judge smiling.

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