HIGH LIFE A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Teens Tell Where the Chic Chow Down--and Sometimes It's Slow Food

Sure, mom's home-cooked meal is delicious, but from time to time everyone needs a change in their menu.

Many teen-agers find restaurants to be good places to go both to meet with their friends and satisfy their taste buds. But which restaurants are hot and which are not? Hot Topics asks: "What is your favorite restaurant and why?"

"McDonald's--its Big Macs are good."

Barney Martinez, 17,

freshman, Anaheim

"Fuddruckers, because its hamburgers are good."

Mark Bradt, 15,

sophomore, Capistrano Valley

"Red Robin, because its food is good, and the people who work there are friendly."

Marnie Barringer, 16,

junior, Costa Mesa

"Olive Garden, because I love its Italian food, and they give you all-you-can-eat bread sticks and drinks. I also like the salad."

Jessica Davis, 15,

sophomore, Costa Mesa

"El Torito, because I like the way they use whole chunks of meat instead of ground beef."

Matt Jaglowski, 16,

sophomore, Costa Mesa

"California Pizza Works in L.A., because I like its food and the atmosphere."

Alice Ho, 17,

senior, Cypress

"Reuben E. Lee's in Newport Beach, because it's docked on the water, and we like the view."

Naomi Hanks, 16,

senior, Cypress

and Diann Morinaga, 16,

senior, Cypress

"Tony Roma's, because it has great onion rings and very good ribs. Also, it has awesome delivery drivers and hostesses."

Joy Johnson, 18,

senior, Edison

"Whale's Tail in Santa Cruz, because it's a real scenic place and has got good food."

Michael Payne, 16,

junior, Edison

"Olive Garden, because of the surroundings. The people who work there are very friendly."

Heather Tewell, 16,

junior, Edison

"The Warehouse in Newport Beach, because it's got good service and food. It's casual but still nice."

Jedd Denton, 16,

senior, El Modena

"Spoons is a fun restaurant, because there's a lot of college people there."

Kristen Cooper, 17,

senior, Esperanza

and J. P. Pellegrino, 18,

senior, Servite

"Sizzler, because I like its salad bar."

Roger Sison, 14,

freshman, Estancia

"El Torito, because it's a real close drive from our school. It's not fast food, but it's not a real dressy place either."

Andy Cops, 15,

freshman, Foothill

"Ruby's, because it's by Newport Beach.

Erin Drover, 16,

junior, Foothill

"Red Lobster, because I love lobsters."

Kelli Kopcha, 15,

sophomore, Foothill

"Spoons, because they have good food, and a lot of people I know go there."

Matt Montford, 15,

sophomore, Foothill

"Flakey Jake's, because (people of) all ages can go there."

Angie Sousa, 14,

freshman, Foothill

"Romo d'Italia, because its food is good, and the setting is cute."

Melissa Yeh, 15,

sophomore, Foothill

"Spoons, because it has a friendly atmosphere, and the inside is not plain."

Dave Park, 16,

junior, Foothill

and Paul Lee, 17,

senior, Servite

"Islands in Fountain Valley, because it's a real fun atmosphere. The service is great, and the toucan chicken sandwich is really good."

Vicki Graveline, 17,

senior, Fountain Valley

"Ruby's, because it's like a '50s restaurant, and they set it up really nice. It's really a fun place."

Jennifer Green, 14,

sophomore, Fountain Valley

"We like Carl's Jr., because it's close, but our favorite one is McDonald's, because its food is good and cheap."

Dana Smith, 15,

sophomore, Irvine

and Michelle Veeder, 15,

sophomore, University

"Carl's Jr., because I go there with my friends a lot."

Mandy Perez, 14,

freshman, Laguna Hills

"Red Onion, because they have a good buffet."

Shannon Coffey, 15,

junior, Mater Dei

"Chanteclair in Irvine, because they treat you like royalty. It's really a romantic, elegant place, and it's a good change of pace from the everyday fast-food restaurants."

Sylvia Fong, 17,

senior, Mater Dei

"I'm rather partial to McDonald's, because I like their fast service. It's filling, and I don't have to pay that much."

Bobby Kutzner, 15,

sophomore, Mater Dei

"Carl's Jr., because I like its Western bacon cheeseburgers."

Damian Kutzner, 14,

freshman, Mater Dei

"Red Onion, because it has a good selection of Mexican foods."

Carrie Sandifer, 13,

freshman, Mater Dei

"Ruby's, because I like the beach atmosphere, especially the pier."

Greg Nielsen, 16,

junior, Newport Harbor

"The China Palace in Newport Beach, because I like its food. The teriyaki beef on a skewer is good."

Shane Perluss, 16,

junior, Newport Harbor

"El Torito, because the waiters are really fun, and when they suggest a dish, I like it. The atmosphere is also nice."

Rosie Camacho, 19,

senior, Orange

"Souplantation, because the food is excellent, and you can keep going back for more."

Kara King, 16,

junior, Orange

"Fatburgers, because they have good, tasty hamburgers."

Angel Swanier, 15,

freshman, Orange

"Horikawa, because I like Japanese food, and it has both a sushi bar and a table section."

Kim Berg, 15,

sophomore, Orange Lutheran

"Spoons, just because the waiters and the waitresses are friendly; they talk with you. It's a fun place to go with your friends."

Joanie Carleone, 14,

sophomore, Rosary

"TGI Friday's, because it has awesome steaks, and the people who work there are totally fun."

Shawna Evans, 17,

senior, Saddleback

"El Torito, because I like its food. Their burritos and tacos are good."

Jason Lowen, 15,

sophomore, Saddleback

"Mi Casa in Newport Beach, because it has better Mexican food than other Mexican restaurants I've been to."

Jason Lowen, 15,

sophomore, Saddleback

"McDonald's, because it has normal American food."

Melissa Blitch, 16,

junior, Tustin

"Spoons, because it has good food. It's a nice place to relax and talk with your friends."

Jennifer Caille, 17,

senior, University

"Islands, because of the scenery. It's got a high-energy atmosphere. It's a wild place."

Shad Burke, 16,

junior, Woodbridge

"Mi Casa in Costa Mesa, because it has really good Mexican food. The service is prompt, and they're really friendly, because they are family owned and operated."

Mike Fender, 17,

senior, Woodbridge

"Villa Nova, because of its lobsters and snow fish. Its atmosphere is nice too."

Shea Foley, 17,

senior, Woodbridge

"McDonald's, because I like its hamburgers."

Chris Kroger, 15,

sophomore, Woodbridge

"Crab Cooker, because it has good seafood and is by the beach."

Matt Taylor, 16,

junior, Woodbridge

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