Laguna Hills Voting

With all that has been noted about the results of the Laguna Hills incorporation election on June 6 and the incredibly high 83% voter support outside of Leisure World for the proposed city, mention must be made of those who worked tirelessly to accomplish that turnout. They are not paid petition gatherers or the product of a slick political machine. They are dedicated residents of the community of Laguna Hills, volunteers willing to work hard for something they believe in.

Regardless of the reason for losing this opportunity to incorporate Laguna Hills, it certainly was not from lack of effort. Laguna Hills is fortunate to have residents who care that much.

As co-chairperson of the cityhood campaign for Citizens to Save Laguna Hills, I feel privileged to have been associated with such a fine group of people. As long as such selfless volunteers continue to work for what they believe in in our community, I am confident there will always be citizens to save Laguna Hills.


Laguna Hills

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