Palms Springs Eternal

The paean to Palm Springs and its neighboring communities makes it easy to doubt the drought warnings that perennially surface in Southern California.

The hydromanic developers in that low desert area who add aquatic amenities (to) their plans as if there’s a bottomless wellspring of water for them to tap, must think such alarms are a mirage.

One has to wonder also what effect this rush to convert these arid areas into lush oases will ultimately have on the balance of nature there. Specifically, when the climate turns too muggy for comfort in the low desert, as it surely will, won’t their boast, “Sure, it’s hot here, but it’s a dry heat” go down the drain?

But take heart. When the wells run dry in the lower half of our state we can just put pumps in all their lakes, ponds, pools and the river Palm Springs Mayor Bono wants to have down Palm Canyon Drive, and pipe water out to the thirsty masses of Southern California.



Los Angeles