Special Formulas Target Pests

Just when everything seems to be going along so well, those pesky garden pests show up and begin to consume the bountiful meal in your garden.

You can usually control them in one of several ways: by physically removing them, by bringing in other insects that are their natural enemies or by using a packaged product containing active ingredients to kill the pest.

Caterpillars, budworms and other critters can be handled very nicely by the use of one of the bacillus thuringiensis products. This is not a chemical; rather it is a bacteria which, when eaten by the unsuspecting worm, causes one last stomach ache.

Ants are also having a field day now. Silica gel compound is a very safe product that is neither a chemical nor a germ. It causes an insect's feet to stick together--so it also works on silverfish and other creepy crawlers.

You can also find very finely ground products that will take care of all of these monsters as well as snails and slugs. Be sure to use any product according to the instructions on the label.

Most products have a very short life span once exposed to the sun or air. Although it can limit the overall effectiveness of the product, they're made that way for our safety.

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