Councilman Wants to Cite Drivers With Loud Stereos

At the request of a group of Torrance residents, Councilman George Nakano has asked city staff to study ways to regulate or cite drivers who play car stereos too loud.

Nakano, who made the request during Tuesday night's City Council meeting, said council members received letters last week from the Torrance Beach Improvement Assn., a group of residents concerned about loitering and noise at the Torrance Beach parking lot.

Nakano said he would support citations of up to $90 for drivers whose car stereos disturb nearby residents.

Virginia Jones, a member of the association, said residents who live along Paseo de la Playa are annoyed almost daily by loud car stereos. She said residents there have also complained to city officials about teen-agers loitering, racing cars and playing loud music on and near the lot.

Police officials said they have had occasional complaints about loud stereos near the beach lot and that the problem increases during the summer months.

City Atty. Kenneth L. Nelson said the city has an ordinance that addresses loud parties and one that prohibits moving vehicles from playing campaign advertisements through loudspeakers.

But he said the city has no law that specifically addresses loud car stereos. He said such an anti-noise ordinance can be ready for the City Council's consideration in about a month.

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