One Way or an Otter

<i> Compiled by the Fashion staff </i>

At the otter sanctuary in Seward, Alaska, scientists continue to remove oil from the thick fur of the animals caught in the Exxon Valdez oil spill this spring. And the Dawn dishwashing liquid they’ve been using does, as its commercials promise, cut the grease. But it has also proved to leave the animal fur with an absence of natural oils. To help correct that problem, Redken industries of Canoga Park is now shipping their Sebum conditioner, originally intended for humans, to Alaska, to apply on the clean otters’ coats. The product will help restore natural moisture depleted during the cleansing process, explains Dr. Lee Hunter of Redken’s research and development department.

Basinger the Breck Girl

Actress Kim Basinger may be best known for her current role as photographer Vicki Vale in “Batman,” co-produced by former hairdresser Jon Peters. What’s little known is that Basinger also got her start in the hair business. In 1971, at age 17, she was chosen to be a Breck Girl and starred in a Breck shampoo ad together with her mother, Ann Basinger. According to the print ad, mother and daughter shared many interests: “dress designing, cooking, modeling in local stores, long walks on the beach, a love for all animals.” After being chosen by Breck in 1971, a spokesperson for the shampoo says, Basinger expressed a desire to meet Eileen Ford of the Ford modeling agency “and from that point on, her modeling career took off.” In 1974, she again appeared as a Breck Girl, dressed as a bride.

Honey, I Dressed the Kids


Saturday morning kiddie host Pee-wee Herman may limit his wardrobe to the same gray suit, but he isn’t pushing the look on anybody else. Herman will launch a line of apparel for children and grown men in late October, according to a spokesman for the actor. No word on what the clothes will look like. The collection is still in the works. It will be sold at JC Penney stores.

Start of Something Big

When Louis Dell’Olio of Anne Klein was in town to show his fall line, he dropped a bit of news that Listen could never have guessed. He’s opening his first free-standing boutique--in Minneapolis. He does big business there, he says. It’s one of several shops he has planned, including one for Beverly Hills.

Bawdy Birthday


We’ve never been to a birthday party quite like the one that artist Andre Miripolsky tossed at his studio for Lance Loud, childhood star of “An American Family,” the TV documentary that shook the airwaves in 1973. Loud, now a writer, changed his outfit every hour or so the night of the party, while rocker Deborah Harry wore the same hip-looking white canvas trench coat all evening. But it was all just a fashion blur compared with the mystery-man guest whose outfit seemed composed entirely of tattoos.

The Hosiery Run

For the woman on the run who can’t abide the same in her panty hose, there’s now a hosiery service called “Sheer Convenience” that will keep a steady supply of fresh replacements coming to customers who request them. (There are four-, six- and eight-week delivery intervals.) The program is being pioneered at Saks, the Woodland Hills store only, and it includes a variety of perks, including free delivery of hosiery orders, notices about upcoming sales and a newsletter with information on the latest trends in legwear. According to Lloyd Hassencahl, Saks fashion director for Southern California, if it’s successful in Woodland Hills, there may be similar programs set up in other branch stores.

The Chanel Channel


“Most people think the opposite of luxury is poverty. It’s not. The opposite of luxury is vulgarity.” These and other fashion dictates from the late designer Coco Chanel are the stuff of a documentary about her life, “Chanel Chanel,” which airs Tuesday on the Arts and Entertainment cable. Diana Vreeland, meet your match!