A 25% Salary Increase for County Supervisors

Orange County supervisors vote themselves a 25.2% pay hike, then justify the huge increase by ludicrous comments. Thomas F. Riley thinks the job is “comparable to the private sector.” Gaddi H. Vasquez thinks six-day workweeks are above and beyond the call of duty. And Don R. Roth believes that he “is one-fifth of the largest corporation in Orange County” with a $2-billion budget he administers.

Gentlemen, you have lost sight of the one big difference between the private sector and counties: In the private sector, you must earn the $2.9 billion to begin with. Which is a far cry from having it handed to you by the taxpayer.

Vasquez knows little about the private sector--if he did he wouldn’t complain about six days’ work.


To earn $100,000 a year in the real world you really put in the time and risk losing all of your money. What risks do the supervisors take? They are paid win, lose or draw.

No, General Riley, with all due respect, your job is not comparable to the private sector at all. If you ever in your life worked for yourself you would not make such statements. This writer has high regard for Don Roth and General Riley as people. However, I don’t agree the pay hike is justified and I don’t believe these men really believe it themselves. Taxpayers, vote. Stop the politicians from this insane run on your hard-earned money. You earned it the hard way. You worked for it!


Santa Ana