Prop. 60 Gridlock

Regarding the Speaking Out article by Jenny Erickson (“Property Tax Transfers Hit Gridlock,” July 16):

The essence of government is to implement laws and serve the people. Apparently, this is not the case in the offices of the assessor and tax collector.

I was outraged upon finding that Proposition 60 was being “bungled” and stalled in the Hall of Administration bureaucracy. As a result, thousands of senior citizens who have sold their homes and re-purchased residences in Los Angeles County under Proposition 60 may have tax liens upon their properties. Upon investigation, many homeowners who have filed their Proposition 60 papers find inadequate administration of the program, thus jeopardizing titles to their properties.


As a city founder and former councilman, I assumed leadership of our state volunteer organization upon the passing of Howard Jarvis. I know the system, and how it should work. And, I can tell you--frankly--that Howard must be turning over in his grave thinking about how a county with its $9.6 billion budget, is balancing its cash flow by excess collections of taxes from senior citizens.

Now, if the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors needs help in putting this Proposition 60 program on track, we would be willing to help them straighten out this mess fast. Otherwise, the taxpayers of the county, who have been affected by Proposition 60 adversely, may have to resort to class-action litigation.

I hope these public officials realize the seriousness and immediacy of this problem area.


Agoura Hills

Dynda is president of the United Organizations of Taxpayers Inc.