Museum and Don Muchmore

The story (Part II, Aug. 6) regarding the California Museum of Science and Industry . . . suggests that legislators are upset with former executive director Don Muchmore (and) creates a false impression. To the contrary, with the exception of one Los Angeles area Assembly member, Muchmore is well respected and is considered to have performed a near-miracle at the museum. According to your own story, Muchmore raised $4.1 million during the last year. That works out to over $341,666 each month or $15,530 per average work day.

The big losers in this matter are our children and, yes, the taxpayer who will have to make up the inevitable losses caused by Muchmore’s departure.

I, for one, hereby express my personal thanks to Don Muchmore, who has performed an outstanding service to the youth of our community and the taxpayers of California.



Assemblyman, 57th District

Long Beach