Fan Unhurt After Net Breaks His Fall

Associated Press

A fan was not injured after jumping from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium onto the netting behind home plate Wednesday night, but New York police arrested him for reckless endangerment.

Steven Krisztin, 24, of Old Bethpage, N.Y., fell in the bottom of the eighth inning of New York's game with the Boston Red Sox.

Krisztin, dressed in an orange polo shirt and blue jeans, landed on his back and proceeded to crawl to the front of the backstop screen, where he swung off and jumped onto the field.

Four security men ushered him off the field and out of sight through the Red Sox' dugout. The Red Sox won the game 4-1.

After Stadium physicians found no injuries, Kristzin was arrested. Police said he was not intoxicated.

A security officer said, "the guy said the game was boring and he was trying to liven things up. He jumped, he wasn't pushed."

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