Possessions Seen Aiding Religions

In an article (Times, Aug. 20), Sgt. Randy Emon of the Baldwin Park Police Department claims that his children had been possessed by demons. His wife broke out in a rash when she approached demonic memorabilia. Emon saw a pentagram that mysteriously appeared on his carpet, and it disappeared when he knelt in prayer. Emon also saw a demon possess a woman in church.

When children mature into adulthood they learn that ogres and bogymen do not exist and were just fearful imaginings of the mind. Emon has apparently retained his childish ogres and demons. I wonder how he, with all of his demonic fantasies, can function in what citizens expect to be a psychologically mature institution. It is time that we dispense with these fantasies created by religions to keep humans in fearful obeisance, or else.


Long Beach

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