Polio, Spinal-Cord Injuries' Link to Aging...

Research and Training Center on Aging at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center is conducting a research project examining polio and spinal-cord injuries. The federally funded research study will investigate the types of changes occurring over time and whether the changes are a result of age, the disability or both.

The Research and Training Center on aging is looking for men and women 50 years and older who had polio or a spinal injury more than 20 years ago. Each person is required to fill out a questionnaire at home and return it on a Wednesday. They will be examined by a psychologist and a physician. They will receive a complete physical, blood tests and an EKG, and also be examined by a physical therapist to assess functional abilities. There is no charge for the examinations and each person will receive a summary of the results.

The information gathered from this research will be used to train health care providers and to develop services to best meet the needs of disabled older persons. For more information, call Catherine Gill at 940-7402.


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