10 LAPD Officers Honored as Heroes

Ten Los Angeles police officers were honored for heroism Wednesday at the department's 30th annual Medal of Valor awards luncheon at the Bonaventure.

Officer Daniel Pratt, 30, slain in a drive-by shooting a year ago, received a medal posthumously. His partner, Officer Veronica De Lao, also was awarded a medal.

Four members of the Air Support Division--Sgt. Ron Tingle and officers Victor Pettric, Richard W. Lawin and Glenn R. Plahy--were honored for braving thick smoke and unstable air to airlift five people stranded atop the burning First Interstate Bank building to safety in May, 1988.

Officers Richard Blue, Matthew Jay St. Pierre, Garry Couso and Bruce Spradling were recognized for risking their lives to save people trapped in burning buildings in 1988 and 1989.

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