Aliso Canyon Bridge

I would like to respond to the letter by Oscar Eitland regarding the proposed bridge over Aliso Canyon (Sept. 6).

As one of the organizers of the protest, I can assure you there were no "half-truths and outright false statements" perpetrated by members of PRIDE. We have done our homework and know the score. The construction of the bridge would serve several purposes, none of which are beneficial to the neighborhood.

First, the bridge would connect Sesnon Boulevard to Balboa Boulevard and Interstate 5. In effect, Sesnon Boulevard would become a "118 alternate route," sending thousands of cars through our neighborhood every hour. We have talked with the police at Devonshire Station and they stated unequivocally that crime would increase with construction of the bridge because "access breeds crime."

Does Mr. Eitland remember that lovely "city within a city" that developer Nathan Shapell has in mind for 1,300 acres just west of Porter Ranch? Sesnon would become the major artery for commuter traffic from Santa Clarita going into and out of the "regional center."

Let's talk about garbage. Completing access over Aliso Canyon would be very convenient for Browning Ferris Industries and their proposed expansion of Sunshine Canyon Landfill. Garbage trucks could then rumble along Sesnon ad infinitum. Instead of the sweet perfume of the oaks and brush in Aliso canyon, we would be treated to the smell of rotting garbage day and night.

Like Mr. Eitland, I live in an S&S; home. When we bought in the area, we were sold on the quiet and privacy of the location. The S&S; salesmen touted the "bedroom community" quality of the area. All this while Shapell was planning to rape the land.

Finally, the safety of the driving public has nothing to do with construction of the bridge. I would like to suggest that anyone stupid enough to drive through two huge barriers on a street that obviously dead ends in a canyon gets exactly what he or she deserves.



Stucker is communications chairman of PRIDE.

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