Saving Old Pasadena

I was moved by Morris Newman's article, "Old Pasadena Project Is Dogged by Profits Vs. Preservation" (Aug. 13), on the efforts of Claire Bogaard of Pasadena Heritage to save historic buildings at Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue.

I grew up in Altadena and I love the region. That part of Pasadena was part of my territory. I rode the bus and spent hours delving into Army surplus stores on Colorado Boulevard and looking at stamps and coins at the Royal Stamp Co. Years later, I worked in the Pasadena Art Museum (now the Norton Simon).

The approach to development as conveyed in this article is that compromise is all right as long as it is convenient, but the overriding value is profit. This attitude (which we are all responsible for) reveals much that is wrong with our culture.

Common sense tells us how shortsighted such a view can be. Southern California has long witnessed the obliteration of unique character and continuity provided by specific places. Perhaps one day we will see the tide turn.

Changes and evolving use are inevitable, but economic development and preserving of legacies should go hand in hand.



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