Measure M: '2 Views on Sales Tax Hike for Roads'

Sherry Lee Meddick (Oct. 8) isn't looking for traffic solutions; she's looking for an excuse not to vote for the one-half cent increase in the sales tax, a provision in Measure M, the Orange County Traffic Improvement and Growth Management Program.

"I didn't cause the problems," Sherry stated. It is too easy to fix the blame on wealthy developers for the traffic mess. If you live in Orange County, work here, go shopping, visit friends and relatives, or go to a show, you have to drive a car or take a bus. All of us have caused the problems. Shouldn't the people who use the system support it? Everyone in Orange County will benefit from a local tax that provides relief for a local problem.

We have relied too long on the 9-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax to provide what we need. Nine cents (California has raised its gas tax only once in 20 years) doesn't provide much in 1989 dollars, due to inflation and the increase in auto efficiency.

It is analogous to your boss saying that he gave you a raise 10 years ago; now, make do. Look folks, we are talking about one-half-cent on every dollar we spend (not on food or medicine). That's one-half of a penny. Considering it's almost impossible to buy anything for a penny, I'm impressed that the accumulation of the one-half cents will provide so much!



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