Officer Comes Home to 4 Burglars


An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer returned to his Palmdale house Monday and surprised four burglars, shooting one of them in the arm, authorities reported.

The officer, his wife and two children, whose names were not released, came home shortly after 6 p.m. to find the draperies, which they had left open, drawn shut, CHP Officer Jill Angel said.

The officer instructed his wife to take the children and call Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. He then entered the house, Angel said.


The officer ordered the two male and two female burglars to freeze, Angel said. When one of them reached for his waistband, the officer fired two shots, hitting one of the men in the arm. All four dropped to the floor and surrendered.

The wounded man, who was not seriously hurt, was taken to Palmdale Hospital Medical Center. The other three were in custody at the Antelope Valley sheriff’s station.

The officer and his family were uninjured. The suspects were not identified.