The Human Rights Ordinance in Irvine


Amid all the hateful rhetoric about the Human Rights Ordinance, one fact seems to have been obscured: This ordinance has been in place for more than a year. None of the terrifying things the Irvine Values Coalition predicted has happened. We do not have quotas for any group listed in the ordinance; we have not had huge numbers of gays move to Irvine; we have not changed any laws regarding public or consensual sexual activities. Just like the state of Wisconsin and numerous cities throughout the nation, all we have done is to state clearly that we will not tolerate discrimination in housing or the workplace.

It appears that since the facts will not support its position, the Irvine Values Coalition has resorted to evoking every possible fear in order to tear apart the Human Rights Ordinance. This is contrary to a Scripture passage that they seem to have forgotten: “Perfect love casts out fear.” I encourage the citizens of Irvine to embrace love and tolerance and to reject the tactics of fear and hatred.

The ordinance is in effect now. It protects all people and is a symbol of what we want Irvine to be: a tolerant, loving community that will not stand for hatred. Keep the symbol alive. Vote no on Measure N.