Kidnaping Trial Attracts Protesters

While nearly a dozen persons protested outside the Vista courthouse, jury selection was delayed by a day Monday in the trial of five persons charged with kidnaping a 24-year-old woman whom they believed to be in the grips of a religious cult.

Superior Court Judge David Moon delayed the start of the trial because one of the defense attorneys, Herb Weston, has an ailing leg from a sports injury.

The defendants include Earle and Dorothy Brown, both 58, of Santa Cruz, who said they were trying to rescue their daughter, Ginger Brown, from the Coronado-based organization Great Among the Nations. Their daughter was released after five days in custody and returned to the 17-member group, and her parents, a sister and two others were charged with kidnaping and false imprisonment.

Outside the courthouse, people supporting the five defendants carried signs reading, "This is a rescue, not a kidnap," "This is a cult, not a church," "Prophet or Profit?" and "Be Cult Aware."

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