Sumo Wrestling Titlist Earns Congratulations From Bush

Konishiki, a 490-pound Samoan-American from Hawaii, became only the second non-Japanese to win a sumo wrestling tournament Sunday in Tokyo.

Konishiki, 25, stood in the ring in Fukuoka's arena and wept for joy while an official of the U.S. Embassy read a message of congratulations from President Bush.

"This is like a dream," Konishiki said. The other non-Japanese winner was another Hawaiian, Takamiyama, in 1972.

Home fires burning: Through Thanksgiving, NBA home teams were 97-38, a winning percentage of 71.9 that, if maintained for a season, would be a record.

Peter May of the Hartford Courant writes: "Unquestionably, basketball is the only major team sport in which the referees can be swayed by the game's momentum, the crowd and the principals. Through Thanksgiving, the home team committed as many or fewer fouls in 64% of the games, and attempted as many or more free throws in 62% of the games."

Trivia time: On Nov. 28, 1948, who became the only NFL player to score two touchdowns in one game on recovered fumbles?

Hard to please: Morning Briefing noted that the University of Houston's ranking in the New York Times computer poll fell after the Cougars beat Southern Methodist by only 95-21 Oct. 21. In last week's rankings, Colorado fell from the top spot; the Buffaloes beat Kansas State by only 59-11 on Nov. 18.

Don't be a stranger: Kansas Coach Roy Williams, whose Jayhawks beat No. 2 Louisiana State in Baton Rouge before defeating No. 1 Nevada Las Vegas and No. 25 St. John's in New York for the NIT championship: "We spoiled the party in Louisiana and we spoiled the party in New York. Now we're having one of our own."

That ain't hay: Hollywood Park announced that the six tons of stable waste that the track's barns produce each day now are being shipped to El Centro for conversion into fuel for electric generators. Perhaps the effort helps light the tote board.

Trivia answer: Dippy Evans of the Chicago Bears, in a 48-13 victory over the Washington Redskins.

Quotebook: Steve Hatchell, Orange Bowl executive director, asked if the bowl gambled by inviting Notre Dame before the Irish's 27-10 loss Saturday to Miami: "There's never a gamble by inviting Notre Dame."

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