Native American Exhibits in L.A.

Your editorial "Native American History" (Nov. 16) is well-taken, but we do not need to wait until the "Smithsonian officials consider frequent exhibitions in the West."

An exhibit entitled "Native Americans: Five Centuries of Changing Views," which opened at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum on Nov. 29 and runs until March 1, 1990, is of the type of compelling significance your editorial mentions.

Further, it brings distinction to the greater Los Angeles area not only by where it is housed, but by the number of Angelenos who have contributed to it, including the Los Angeles Athletic Club, Dr. Patricia Trenton, co-author of the newly published book on which the show is based, and others.

It is a reminder of the tremendous potential for cultural enrichment we have here. And it is especially exciting when that local talent joins forces to produce such an eloquent statement about such an important subject.


Executive Director

Historical Society

of Southern California

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