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Radio station WEBN in Cincinnati shelled out $113 to pay a fine for Tommy Lee, the drummer for the heavy metal band Motley Crue, who mooned the crowd at a Nov. 26 concert. Lee, 27, who had been charged with disorderly conduct, called station officials and thanked them for taking up his cause. . . . Former Monty Python trouper John Cleese has signed on to promote the Schweppes beverage company for two years. Cleese, the star of "A Fish Called Wanda," will appear in three television and five radio commercials beginning next spring. He also will be seen in "Gratuitous Violence," the 90-second Schweppes promo that will precede the home video version of the James Bond film "Licence to Kill." . . . Christie's East, the New York auction house, has withdrawn an item listed as the raincoat Humphrey Bogart wore in "Casablanca" from next week's sale of Hollywood memorabilia. It turns out Bogart didn't really wear the trench coat in "Casablanca," only in a promotion for the movie.

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