Pirates Deny Bonds Trade for Wetteland, Hamilton

From Associated Press

General Manager Larry Doughty has denied the Pittsburgh Pirates are about to deal left fielder Barry Bonds to the Dodgers for third baseman Jeff Hamilton and pitcher John Wetteland.

Doughty talked to Dodgers General Manager Fred Claire on Wednesday, but no deal was worked out.

“Fred Claire and I resolved that we didn’t have a deal but that we would leave the lines open into spring training,” Doughty said.


Wetteland, 23, was 5-8 with a 3.77 earned run average as a rookie last season.

“I really got the feeling that Fred Claire was not going to move one of his established pitchers,” Doughty said.

If the Dodgers acquire Bonds, they would probably play him in center field, where he began his major league career. He moved to left field in 1987, when the Pirates acquired center fielder Andy Van Slyke from St. Louis.

The Pirates are interested in Hamilton so they can move third baseman Bobby Bonilla to right field.

The Dodgers’ need for another outfielder lessened Thursday when they signed free-agent Hubie Brooks to a three-year, $6-million contract.

Claire said Brooks would play right field and that 1988 National League Most Valuable Player Kirk Gibson and Kal Daniels would play left field.

Gibson missed most of last season with a torn left hamstring that required surgery.