Looking Ahead

Jayne Kennedy, the statuesque former hostess of “The NFL Today” and “Speak Up America,” can still be heard on a syndicated radio show and seen doing public appearances. But she’s giving more and more of her time to kids.

She and husband Bill Overton are partners with stage director Cepheus Jaxon in transforming Inglewood’s Crocier Junior High auditorium into The Inglewood Civic Theater on weekends. They’ll inaugurate the venture on Feb. 2 with a production of a musical, “The African American.”

“Our aim is to bring first-class productions into the community,” Kennedy told us, “while offering internships to students interested in the arts.”

After divorcing Leon Isaac Kennedy in 1981 following their co-starring roles in the film remake of “Body and Soul,” Jayne remained busy with public appearances, a radio exercise show, and an exercise video and records. Then, in 1985, she married actor-real estate entrepreneur Overton. They now spend much of their time with their two children in Maine.


They’re also developing a series of “fun, inspiring” children’s videos, which they hope to launch with the participation of major recording artists in 1990.

Why the switch from glamour to guiding young people?

“My world used to be very self-centered,” Jayne told us. “But now, with my kids, I find I think more about the kind of world they’re going to have when they grow up, and all the other kids in that world.”