The Plight of SOS Center in Costa Mesa

The eviction of SOS, which provides humanitarian aid to 240,000 people annually, by Mayor Peter Buffa and the city of Costa Mesa is yet another example of how we are increasingly becoming a violent, anti-life nation.

Costa Mesa both denies volunteer church workers their right to provide emergency aid to those in dire basic need and, with further cynicism, threatens to arrest dayworkers and those who would employ them, even though there is a God-given right to work.

Santa Ana directs its police and park employees to harass and intimidate the homeless, and now wishes to make it illegal to give food to a hungry person.

American physicians kill 1.5 million defenseless, innocent babies in the womb each year.

American-purchased bullets and an American-sponsored military murder six Jesuit priests, a woman employee and her daughter on a university campus in San Salvador. More than $1 million of American tax money is daily sent to El Salvador to continue the torture, shooting and bombing of its own people, for we know that peace is simply a matter of killing a few thousand more people. The President of the United States, in violation of international law, orders the invasion of Panama: 500 die while the President hunts, fishes and gives a curious New Year's Day message of peace.

Should we not wonder if our moral ecology has not become befouled? Is not all this, and more, connected? When we lose sight of the awesome dignity of each and every person, the moral fabric of society is ripped and every single person is diminished.


Santa Ana

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