The High Cost of Flying From Wayne Airport

Recently, Southwest Airlines canceled its planned entry into John Wayne Airport because it received inadequate slots for its operations. Unfortunately, this means that we, the traveling public, must continue to pay air fares 300% higher than we would were Southwest serving that airport.

Southwest announced that (its) unrestricted walk-up fares would be "around $35 to $45," from John Wayne to Phoenix, comparable to those they charge from Los Angeles to Phoenix. Southwest advance-purchase tickets on that route are an unbelievable $19! At present, one of the carriers at John Wayne offers a "special" advanced-purchase fare of $99. The normal walk-up fare is $125. That is skyway robbery, plain and simple.

Orange County needs Southwest Airlines now if we are ever going to force the other carriers to lower their price-gouging. Give them the slots they want, and watch the air fares come tumbling down to earth.



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