'Miss Daisy' Drives Home as No. 1 Movie

From Times Staff Reports

Warner Bros.' "Driving Miss Daisy," a multiple winner at the recent Golden Globe Awards, continued to lead the national box office chart during its second weekend in wide release.

The story about the relationship between an elderly Jewish matron and her Atlanta chauffeur took in $6 million in ticket sales to bring its total receipts to nearly $22 million.

Walt Disney Studios' "Stella," starring Bette Midler in a remake of the sudsy "Stella Dallas," withstood a tidal wave of negative reviews to grab the No. 2 spot with opening weekend ticket sales of $4.3 million.

Universal's "Born on the Fourth of July" was third with a weekend take of $4 million. The Oliver Stone-directed film about Vietnam veteran-turned-activist Ron Kovic now has a six-week tally of more than $43 million.

Ticket sales of just over $3 million kept Warners' "Tango and Cash" among the top five films and ran its cumulative total to more than $50 million.

Two Paramount pictures--the just-released "Flashback" and "Internal Affairs"--were nearly tied for fifth place. "Flashback" had ticket sales of $2.9 million while "Internal Affairs" earned $2.7 million.

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