Horror, Schlock and Docu-Rock : THIS WEEK'S MOVIES


That's what the emphasis is on this weekend at the video store--where there are several new tapes featuring murders, mutants, shock and schlock. And little else, unless you're a rock 'n' roll fan.

The horrifying new releases:

"Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge" (Fries, $89.95, R). A shopping center where customers get more than they bargained for. Morgan Fairchild, Derek Randall. (If you'd rather hold out for the recent horror version of "Phantom of the Opera" starring Robert (Freddy) Englund, you'll be able to rent it starting March 7.)

"Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan" (Paramount, no list price for VHS, $29.95 for Beta; also available as a $34.95 video disc from Pioneer; R). More teen-agers against the monster who wouldn't die in yet another chapter in the series that should.

"Mutant on the Bounty" (South Gate, $89.95, not MPAA rated). Low-budget sci-fi/comedy about the strange things that happen to a musician in outer space. The cast is led by Kyle T. Heffner and noted L.A. performance artist John Fleck.

"Shadowzone" (Paramount, no list price for VHS, $29.95 for Beta, R). Straight-to-video frightener about creature who attacks people participating in a dream experiment. David Beecroft, James Hong, Louis Fletcher.

"Relentless" (RCA/Columbia, $89.95, R). Hunt for a serial killer, featuring Judd Nelson, Robert Loggia, Leo Rossi and Meg Foster.

Other new-to-video movies:

"Bloodhounds of Broadway" (RCA/Columbia, $89.95; Pioneer video disc $34.95; PG). Despite the presence of Madonna, Matt Dillon, Rutger Hauer, Julie Hagerty and Randy Quaid in this attempt at re-creating the atmosphere of a '20s speak-easy, this late-1989 release was a bowwow at the box office. Inexplicably, PBS plans to show it soon.

"Me and Him" (RCA/Columbia, $89.95, R). Another 1989 film that kept theater patrons away in droves, this comedy/fantasy had Griffin Dunne holding conversations with his, um, his, well . . . with a certain part of his body.


The Rolling Stones get the sort of full video-documentary coverage in "25 x 5: The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones" (CMV, $19.98) that "The Compleat Beatles" afforded that group. The two hours include lots of rare footage and performances from the early days. Highly recommended.

CMV also has "Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine: Evolution" ($19.98, 70 minutes), "Kate Bush: The Sensual World--The Videos" ($12.98, 15 minutes) and "Alice Cooper: Video Trash" ($12.98, 15 minutes). And, from A&M;: "Gun: Taking on the World" ($9.98, 15 minutes), featuring the Scottish hard-rock band.

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