It appears Assemblyman Gil Ferguson (R-Newport Beach) thought defaming gays might be a good way to help him get elected to the state Senate. Fortunately, he was wrong (Part A, Feb. 7). Although the group considered safe to pick on changes from time to time, this was really just the same old bigotry all minorities experience. What does this say about Ferguson?

Let his words speak for him, "I don't care about them, I'm a retired Marine. A couple of ------ out there aren't going to scare me" (Part A, Feb. 4). Now, fill in that blank with one of the epithets that hate-mongers apply to Jews, or African Americans, or Americans of Hispanic, Irish, Italian or Asian descent instead of his original homophobic slur, and read Ferguson's words again. Now you know what kind of person Gil Ferguson is. He is a bigot.


Chairperson, Response Committee

Gay & Lesbian Alliance

Against Defamation/Los Angeles

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