Seniors Matt Jewett and Mark Hendrickson, performing to the operatic song "Solenne in Quest'ora" as the band White Trash, were winners of the sweepstakes award Feb. 23 at Valencia High School's lip sync show.

More than 300 students attended "Rock in the '90s," performed in the Placentia school's gymnasium and designed as a fund-raiser by the student body government class.

Jenell Stewart, a senior, won the best choreography award for her performance of Madonna's "Lucky Star."

The most-humorous award went to sophomore Stephanie Myers and freshmen Travis Pierce, Simon Austin and Mike Stuttle for their rendition of the Doors' "Roadhouse Blues."

The Elvis Worshipers--sophomore Joe Schliecher, junior Chanon Allen and his brother Cameron, a senior--won the best impersonation award for their work on Mojo Nixon's "Elvis Is Everywhere."

Other performers:

Senior Brandon Elrod (as Booger Presley) lip syncing to Living Colour's "Cult of Personality."

The band Guys Only--seniors Ryan Takenaga, Sam Aston, Greg Morikawa, Brent Dunnam and Jason Bae--performed as the Go-Go's doing "We Got the Beat."

Seniors Joel Clelland, Nate Carlson, Jay Nash and junior Vance Covacks performed as the band Primordial Ooze, lip syncing to the song "It Better Be Tonight."

In a take-off of "Saturday Night Live" weightlifting heroes Hans and Frans, seniors Kim Speare and Krista Roa performed to the song "In and Out."

The Bomb Squad--sophomore Jeremy McBee, juniors John Goldman and Matt Sypherd and senior Paul Lepis--performed to a Metallica song. Juniors David Giampa and William Byon were the Disciples, lip syncing to the song "Rocketown."

The California Girls--seniors Holly Hoffinger, Ali Hoekstra, Amy Bell, Kara Newcombe, Kelly Shea, Julie Goodman, Melissa Castro, Robin Rassmussen, Krissy Lytle, Rachel Pena and Christy Jewell--performed to the David Lee Roth version of the song "California Girls."

And a collection of junior girls--Bernita Logan, Sharlena Demery, Sheri Kelley, Jeanie Blodgett, Kii King, Darlicia Christian and Kemmy Brown--performed to the Young M.C. song "Bust a Move."

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