Author Critiques Single Life Column

(Re: Single Life column, Jan. 19) Anyone who uses avuncular must be able to read, not misread. So, I'm certain (writer Evan Cummings) deliberately and maliciously misrepresented my primary views and advice regarding: choosing and advocating young women with smarts as well as stressing the importance of being oneself and knowing what one is doing and why one is doing it.

Since you must be a together person who isn't "pretending to be someone you're not so you can get someone you really don't want," perhaps you'd write fair, honest reviews of "Jennifer Fever" and "Loving a Younger Man." The heroines, well-over-35 women, in those books ended up marrying younger men. Of course, the younger men are, according to the authoresses, sensitive and easily taken for bisexuals or gays. Methinks those are the "real Real Men" you'd like to hear from to tell you it isn't so.

R. Don Steele,


Steele wrote and self-published the book, "How to Date Young Women (for Men Over 35)."

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