Can the Real Evan Come Out and Play?

Who untied (Single Life Columnist) Evan Cummings?

Her columns are always interesting, but lately she is fantastic.

Her (Jan. 19) column about the book showing older men how to date younger women was great, and now, this!

(Re: the Feb. 23 column) I was hysterical relating to seeing an old flame who dumped me--how many times I have fantasized he would call; he hasn't yet , but someday he will. And then. . . .

Everybody at the office, men and women both loved it. Everybody read it and we passed it along and put it on the bulletin board.

If this is the "real" Evan, please let her come out and "play" more often. She's terrific!

Darlene Gillespie,

Laguna Beach

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