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DESPITE OUR tendency to take in takeout food several times during the course of a week, a holiday can be one time we insist on spending hours in the kitchen--whether or not we have time, energy or know-how. If you're someone for whom preparing a huge family feast holds little fascination, Someone's in the Kitchen can help. This residential and corporate catering company, headed by Joann Roth, offers complete traditional Passover seder dinners to busy clients (the service also includes Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners). "On Passover, Jews celebrate and eat history," Roth says. "Because of its drama, playfulness and tradition, the Passover seder is a wonderful family event."

This year's feast includes the traditional symbols of the holiday, such as matzo , charoseth (a mixture of apples, nuts, cinnamon and wine, said to represent the mortar the Israelites used to construct buildings for the Pharoah), a roasted egg and lamb shank, and bitter herbs (which are dipped in salt water that represents the tears and harshness of life under tyranny). The meal is rounded out with gefilte fish, matzoball soup, roasted chicken, brisket, vegetables and oven-roasted potatoes, macaroons and Passover (no flour) brownies.

Takeout Passover seder dinners are available for parties of 15 or more for $35 per person. Orders must be received by April 2. Telephone Tevya at (818) 343-5151.

Gabriela Ortuzar

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