Fehr-Vincent Talks Are Unproductive

Two meetings between Don Fehr, executive director of the Major League Players Assn., and baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent at Vincent's Greenwich, Conn., home during the weekend failed to produce any progress, Fehr said Sunday.

"If the commissioner has views different from the owners, he can't express them," Fehr said.

He added that the weekend visits stemmed from Vincent's desire to discuss his attempt to lift the owners' lockout of training camps, now in its 26th day, in return for a pledge from the players that they will not strike during the 1990 season.

Nothing has changed, Fehr said, in regard to the union's opposition to that request. Nor are there any negotiations scheduled today, although he said the respective offices would probably be in contact.

Fehr also revealed that he stopped receiving his $475,000 a year salary Jan. 1.

"I made a personal judgment that if a lockout eventually cost the players money, I couldn't justifiably draw a salary either," he said.

He indicated that the entire union staff made a similar decision.

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